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Mobile Notary Fee Schedule

The mobile notary services fee begins at a rate of $75 with 48-hour notice (standard appointment), and $150 for less than 6-hour notice (Rush Appointment). This is a flat rate fee charged to travel to your destination in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. For clients located in Staten Island, a $19 Verrazano Bridge toll surcharge will be applied.

Mobile Notary Fee is a TRAVEL FEE ONLY

Notarization Fees

Under New York State Executive Law Section §136.

Notarial fees. A notary public shall be entitled to the following fees:

1. For administering an oath or affirmation, and certifying the same when required, except where another fee is specifically prescribed by statute, $2.

2. For taking and certifying the acknowledgment or proof of execution of a written instrument, by one person, $2, and by each additional person, $2, for swearing such witness thereto, $2.

Mobile Notary Fee must be made at the time of appointment. Notarization Fees are paid at the time of executed affirmations. 

Cancellation Policy

$30 dollar cancelation fee applies to cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.



To preserve best practices it is recommended to provide the Notary with a description of the document(s) or a copy of the document(s) in PDF format prior to the engagement and/or appointment.

The notary cannot and will not be a witness. If the document deems a witness must be present, the client must provide a witness(es).

If for any circumstances the document is not permissibly notarized by the notary, the client will forfeit the right to a refund of the travel fee.

Additional examples of refund forfeiture.

Signer not being ready or late(20 min waiting period) or not willing to sign upon arrival of the notary.  

Missing or Ineligible Witness(es)

Invalid and Expired Identification

Not Legally Competent in the Notary’s Judgment/Sole Interpretation.

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